November 28, 2012

Who knows your important passwords?

When it comes to disasters, people and businesses tend to think big, really big. Take for example Superstorm Sandy that hit the eastern US earlier in […]
November 21, 2012

Top 5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Technology

When you’re making a list of things to be thankful for, computers and technology usually don’t make the list; as a matter of fact, they often […]
November 16, 2012

Microsoft Messenger Skypes it up

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become so commonplace that we likely use it without even knowing. One of the most popular customer oriented VoIP solutions […]
November 15, 2012

6 things to keep in mind about policies

Rules are an integral part of society, they help define the boundaries of who we are and what we can do. Somewhere along the line, rules […]
October 31, 2012

Delay Outlook from sending emails?

Email is both a blessing and a curse. While it has made communication infinitely easier compared with snail mail, it has also led to a number […]
October 17, 2012

Don’t make these 5 LinkedIn mistakes

Social networking has become an integral part of the fabric of modern society. There are more social networks than you can count, all offering a network […]
October 11, 2012

Coming soon: 0 cash or wallet in pockets

Reach into your bag or pockets and pull out your wallet. Open it and count how much cash is in there. Chances are, there isn’t a […]
October 3, 2012

How to automatically start Office

Is your morning routine something along the lines of: get into the office, turn on the computer, grab a cup of coffee as it starts up, […]
September 27, 2012

Ensure your DR plan is ready to fly when needed

Disaster Recovery (DR), the act of ensuring that your systems and departments are ready for a disaster and that your IT systems can recover from it, […]
September 20, 2012

Microsoft SBS retires. What now?

Change is inevitable, it can happen when we least expect or want it to, which could pose a problem, especially if the change being made will […]
September 14, 2012

Upgrade communication services to VoIP

Modern telephone systems use a hybrid of traditional phone lines and digital transmission to connect you with others both nearby and around the world. While email, […]
September 12, 2012

Optimize BA with these 7 tips

Business analytics (BA) – the study and statistical analysis of a business data to help make better decisions – has become an important part of any […]
September 5, 2012

Microsoft unveils changes with Office 15

With the release of Microsoft’s Windows 8 a few months away, Microsoft has been announcing updates to their multitude of products. One of the biggest changes […]
August 31, 2012

Internet not winning any speed records?

The Internet is the lifeblood of many, if not all companies. We rely on it to communicate, research and relax, and in the modern world, we […]
August 29, 2012

Social selling helps SMEs compete

Marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs can be a tough nut to crack. You’re often competing against larger companies with budgets that probably rival your yearly […]
August 24, 2012

Cloud Event With LeveCloud & Virtual Tone

August 20, 2012

BYOD in the office? 4 essential steps

Take a look around your office, chances are high that you’ll see at least one employee with their mobile phone plugged into their computer charging, or […]
August 14, 2012

$60,000 of computers, personal items stolen from Steve Jobs’ home

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Several computers and personal items worth more than $60000 were stolen from the Northern California home of the late …  
August 13, 2012

The perfect email system?

  I’ve tested out virtually every email system under the sun... …from Microsoft Exchange …to Google’s Gmail …to Blackberry Enterprise Server …and even Novell Groupwise …and this […]