We Searched To Find The Best Complete Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone Service Solution And The Answer Is…


VoIP is the communication platform of the future and Spectrum has searched all over to find your business the most effective VoIP solution available. With VirtualTone, your business will receive all the benefits of a standard phone system without any of the headaches it comes with. Forget about high phone bills and featureless setups. VirtualTone offers your business a low phone bill, automatic upgrades and as many of the standard features you could possibly require.

Step into the world of VoIP:

  • Take your calls even when you’re out of the office. All you need now is an internet connection.
  • No more expensive add-ons. Your business automatically receives features such as follow me, voicemail to email, desktop integration, web interface, web conferencing, and much, much more.
  • Stop dealing with the hassles of a remotely located phone company. Your business will have the advantage of working hand in hand with a locally based company.

It’s time to make the switch to a completely integrated communication solution via VoIP and relish within the epitome of productivity.

Empower Your Business

Enjoy the perks of an office-on-the-go.